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“Castle” Roof Glitch!

Posted in Glitches with tags , , , , on April 2, 2010 by wawtricks

To celebrate easter I thought I would elaborate some more on a glitch that I think is pretty awesome actually; the infamous “Castle Roof Glitch”. The short version of the story is that you bayonet-jump on top of the roof of the building that everyone seems to be in when playing Team Deathmatch, and from there move to this other roof where you have a view of pretty much the entire map. There are plenty of possibilities with this glitch. The only downside of this glitch is that you need somebody on the opposite team to stand in front of you where you bayonet-jump. I’ve attached a video which should explain everything pretty good, just look at the bottom of this post.

Me and my friend where experimenting on this glitch not so long ago and we were astonished that the glitch still works! We just couldn’t stop doing this glitch just because it is so damn amazing.

Now it’s enough dry text, watch this video for a demonstration on how the glitch works:


Two Glitches on “Castle”

Posted in Glitches with tags , , , , , , , on March 24, 2010 by wawtricks

Here you have a couple of glitches to the “Castle” map. It’s two ways of getting on top of one of the buildings. The video is pretty self-explanatory so I don’t need to explain that much.