WaWTricks were made the 24st of march 2010. The aim of the website is to create a user-friendly environment for users to read about and learn the different tips and tricks there is to the popular game Call of Duty: World at War. In addition to tips and tricks, I write stuff about glitches that could prove useful when playing a game of Team Deathmatch. Knowing the secrets and tricks to each and every level could make you a really good online player, because as we all know, killing enemies is the best part of the game!

The reason that I made this website is basically because that after purchasing the map packs for the game, I grew a passion for glitches and different secrets that are in the game. After a quick read at this website you will find out that most of the content posted here usually comes with a YouTube video. The reason that I add a YouTube video to the post is because a video is very good at explaining details when it comes to video games.

If you want to contact me you could easily comment on a post on the website, or you could send me an email at: b-bergene@live.com


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