“Nacht der Untoten” Strategy Guide

This is a strategy guide to the first Nazi Zombies map “Nacht der Untoten”.

The first thing you do is to use up all your pistol rounds during the first few waves of zombies. When you’ve run out of bullets, go buy the M1A1 Carbine. Now shoot zombies until you reach enough points to open the stairway to the 2nd floor. Now continue shooting enemies so that you get downstairs into the room where the mystery box is. As soon as you get down to the mystery box, go buy a weapon. If you get a machine gun like the Browning M1919A6 you can just camp by the window on the opposite side of the mystery box. You buy ammunition between the levels.  Now you should be able to get to a high level.
TIP: To get the ray gun in the mystery box you buy the weapon as the flashing question marks is as dark as possible. Now there’s a bigger chance for you to get the ray gun.


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