How to level up fast?

So you want to hit level 65 as fast as possible? There really is nothing to it but to kill your foes. There are some more tactical ways of attending this task.
When you are at level 1 you start off with a weapon, basically any weapon that you have and use it until you’ve got all the challenges to the weapon completed (except of the expert challenges, getting headshots may take too long).
Take the Thompson (tommy gun) for example; after gettin 150 or so kills on it, you’ve earned like 1500 experience points just on challenges! Which is a huge amount when you are at a low level.
Start doing other challenges, but think tactical. When you begin to do a challenge, you finish it! But in the end of the day there really isn’t any other way of leveling up than killing enemies.
I hope this very small guide pointed you in the right direction.


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