Clan tag Effects

If you’ve played World at War for a while you might have seen people with some weird and funny effects on their clan tags. It isn’t a glitch, it’s just something the developers added to give their clan tags some variation I guess.

  • [RAIN] – Flashing rainbow colors.
  • [MOVE] – Clan tag bounces up and down.
  • [CYLN] – A red line highlights back and forth on your name.
  • [CYCL] – Similar to rainbow but the colors come one at a time.
  • [….] – Makes an animated circle move back and forth in your clan tag.

These are the best I know of.

There are also color clan tags that change the color of the clan tag.

  • [RED] – Red clan tag
  • [BLUE] – Blue clan tag
  • [GRN] – Green clan tag
  • [CYAN] – Light blue (?) clan tag

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