All Death-Card locations

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To celebrate my return on the website I thought I’d show you this video showing all of the death card locations in the game. By getting all the death cars you are also awarded the “Grave Robber” trophy/achievement.


I’m back!

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Hey guys I just wanted to say that I’m back after a really long break from Call of Duty: World at War and I’ll try to post some more cool stuff about the game in the upcoming weeks. I play World at War almost everyday on my Playstation 3 so if you want to play with me some time just add me. My PSN-ID is: ShadedVoid.

So hang in there for more updates shortly!

No Scoping Tutorial

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Here’s a pretty cool video on no scoping. Pretty sick in my opinion. ­čśŤ

Stepping Down :(

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I’m stepping down a bit from this website. You might see new posts sometimes but not as frequently as it has been. This is because I’m starting a new project. A blog based on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. There’s a lot better community within the players of Modern Warfare 2 than it is on World at War. Even though World at War kicks ass, I just don’t think it’s that fun to write about as Modern Warfare 2.

So I’ll see you all in a bit.

The Story of Nazi Zombies

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So yesterday, I watched a video on the story of the Nazi Zombies that you see in the game. I thought there would not be a big story but it seems to go much deeper than that. The video attached to this post should explain it all. This is pretty interesting stuff.

“Castle” Roof Glitch!

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To celebrate easter I thought I would elaborate some more on a glitch that I think is pretty awesome actually; the infamous “Castle Roof Glitch”. The short version of the story is that you bayonet-jump on top of the roof of the building that everyone seems to be in when playing Team Deathmatch, and from there move to this other roof where you have a view of pretty much the entire map. There are plenty of possibilities with this glitch. The only downside of this glitch is that you need somebody on the opposite team to stand in front of you where you bayonet-jump. I’ve attached a video which should explain everything pretty good, just look at the bottom of this post.

Me and my friend where experimenting on this glitch not so long ago and we were astonished that the glitch still works! We just couldn’t stop doing this glitch just because it is so damn amazing.

Now it’s enough dry text, watch this video for a demonstration on how the glitch works:

Happy Easter!

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So I just wanted to wish you all a happy easter! Hope you are enjoying this time with your friends and family.